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  • Welcome to Dongguan Tianmu Industrial Co., Ltd official website!

    Dongguan Tianmu Industrial Co., Ltd

    24-Hour Hotline 0769-23110115

    Tianmu Product CenterIt covers multiple categories of adhesive products to meet your use needs in different scenarios

    Product Center


    Customized processing on demandDifferent types, materials, colors and specifications meet different use needs

    Customized processing on demand

    Set styleLogo, pattern and other styles are customized

    Texture of materialMaterials and types of tapes are complete

    Set colourA variety of colors are available, beautiful and diverse

    Set SpecificationsCustomized according to the thickness, size and other specifications required by customers

    24-Hour Hotline::

    Five high-quality services make your choice more worry-free

    Good reputation

    Win common progress with quality

    Good quality

    Select raw materials and strictly inspect quality

    Fast shipment

    Shipment within 24 hours at the fastest

    Excellent price

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    Meet your processing needs

    Strict quality control
    Warm service
    We can provide customers with all-round solutions from product R&D, production and processing
    It integrates production, sales and processing

    Tianmu has 12 + years of experience in the industry of industrial adhesive products. At the same time, it is also an authorized dealer of 3M company. It has more than 500 well-known cooperative customers. It has won the acceptance and support of customers at home and abroad with strict quality management and enthusiastic service attitude.

    Fully meet the processing needs of customers

    The company has a number of advanced production equipment and an experienced technical team, which can provide customers with a variety of selection and solutions for adhesive tape and die-cutting processing. With a complete range of products and sufficient stock, we can fully meet your needs for industrial adhesive products.

    A variety of products, one-stop shopping

    Tianmu's main products include: all kinds of single / double-sided tape, foam tape, Velcro, no substrate tape, high / low temperature resistant tape, anti-corrosion tape, conductive / thermal conductive tape, sealing tape, fiber tape, textured tape, aluminum foil tape, protective film, anti-collision rubber pad, 3M glue and other adhesive products.

    News Center

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    About us

    Dongguan Tianmu Industrial Co., Ltd
    Company ProfileDongguan Tianmu Industrial Co., Ltd
    Dongguan Tianmu Industrial Co., LTD., founded in 2009, is a manufacturing enterprise focusing on industrial adhesive products and industrial packaging materials. The main products are 3M, NITTO, TESA, SONY, PORON and other well-known adhesive products at home and abroad as the main body, is also the authorized dealer of 3M company. We from product development, production, processing can provide customers with a full range of solutions.
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